Dream: The House in the Woods

Dream 20020627 5:00 AM:

The House in the Woods

I’m walking along in the woods. There is barely a trail; it is pretty wild. I have a book, looks like one of those artists’ memory books, that I’m using as a guide – it doesn’t have a map or anything in it, but I keep consulting it. In the back, like glued to the back page or back inside cover, are a bunch of odd pieces of stuff – bits of metal and fabric, and one cool little gold-green bug that keeps moving around. I don’t understand what the message means, but it apparently held meaning to me within the dream. Someone is with me, but I don’t know who – I remember talking to someone a couple of times. We get to our campsite area – there is a house here now! We start setting up things in the house, getting ready for our stay. I remember that the office is the only room that locks; we put everything important in there for safekeeping. There are two couches, different colors of blue-green; I arrange it so that I can sleep on the longer of the two, in the office. The office has floor-to-ceiling vertical blinds covering the sliding glass door to the outside. I ask someone if they have a lot of problems with theft around here. It seems like Deborah is involved, but I don’t remember if she’s in the house with me or I’m just thinking something relates to her.

After night falls, I can see other houses through the trees, by their lights. It’s much more developed now – it gets busier and more built up throughout the course of the dream. I go walking, and hear party music coming from one other house. I remember walking to other houses, some of which were open with people just hanging out inside; I remember a couple of heavy-set Hispanic women in brightly colored clothes. It seemed like they were getting ready to go out.

Later, seems like the next night, or later the same night, I’m back at the house, which has changed somewhat – more refined, larger – and a prim, older woman comes by – she is asking if anyone from the house will be going dancing. I tell her that I might; she gives me a key that looks like my Sammons Center key, plus a tiny pouch on a long neck cord that I can keep the key in, for while I’m out dancing. I slip it on, and head out.

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