Dream: Musical Dinner Party

Dream 20020615, 5 AM:

Musical Dinner Party

I’m at a party in a long, narrow room; there are lots of people here, it seems like they are dressed in Regency or Empire dress. There are actually two parties going on at the same time; they are being held by two sisters. Each has a single long table, but they are both in the same big hall. The sisters get angry with one another; they start singing back and forth at each other, like something out of a musical. They are each criticizing the other’s food; I remember one singing about the other’s “dry buns.” Someone makes a joke about breasts, and then there is something funny about the group posing for photos with the men holding on to the women’s breasts.

Then, I’m with Joanna at an auto salvage place. She has turned in her keys to have her car crushed; it goes into a machine that crushes it very flat, so that it’s only like a foot tall. I see Joanna with Diana and some other people sitting in the back of a big Cadillac convertible, like they’re trying it on for size. They are dressed up with scarves and sunglasses. Then, I go into a room where Cynthia Dorn Navarrete is getting her makeup on for a performance; she wants to have her car crushed too, but doesn’t have time to take her keys in and fill out all the paperwork. She starts telling me all the information to put on the form, and make her write it down on a scrap of paper; the scrap of paper is actually the corner of a pencil drawing of her standing on stage, like she’s speaking or singing.

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