Dream: Tornado Cave

Dream 20020613, 6:00 AM –

Tornado Cave

I can see a tornado forming. I realize that it is heading toward where I am – I have to get underground. I feel like I’m somewhere out in the country; there is a wood-frame house here, and fields. I try to get beneath the house, but I see a big dug hole next to the footing of the house, and I shepherd people into that. I go in last, with the children and others packed into the hole below me. I can see the tornado come up, and see it suck the house off its footings and whirl it away. It sucks at the top of the hole, drawing off some of the dirt pile, but I press hard against the sides, and I’m fine.

After it’s passed, and we crawl out, I can see that another is coming. We all decide that we ought to go to the cave this time; it will be stronger. We go down a path, like through a garden, and to a cave entrance. We walk through a section that looks like natural cave, then get to a part that is much more open, and looks like it’s been mechanically improved by humans. There is a door here – it looks like the door to a safe, with a big combination lock. I have to get up on a platform beside the door, and enter a combination onto a keypad to get the door to open. I know that it’s a time issue, whether I will get everyone in before the tornado comes. Even though we are deep underground, it will be dangerous if they are not inside the safe area. There is a big man here, like a guard; he doesn’t interfere with me trying to get the door open, but he doesn’t help.

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