Dream: Vampire Flying LUCID

Dream 20020610 2:20 AM:

I’m at a house that I seem to recognize, although I can’t place it as belonging to anyone I know. The back yard has these huge pillars; they seem like they’d hold up a roof or something, but they just seem to be planted there. They are white, slightly rounded square pillars about the size of railroad ties. I have to take something out into the yard to give to somebody, and I swing from pole to pole, sort of Tarzan-style, but with a lot of gravity-defying sideways motion. I do this to avoid stepping in the grass and getting chiggers.

I go inside, and Joanna is not here – she is supposed to be here, because a Board meeting is about to start. One of the Board members asks for the minutes to a meeting we had the previous Thursday – it wasn’t a regular Board meeting, but I go to look for the minutes anyway. I look in all the cabinets in the kitchen – this house has an island in the center of the kitchen, and I’m looking through file drawers in the island. I can’t find them, and I freak out a little – I don’t know what I’ll do if Joanna can’t make it to the meeting.

Then, I wake up. I look at the clock, and it has only 2 digits showing; it’s something like 4:2. I look at it again, and it has shrunk and dimmed until barely visible – I feel like I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. I realize that it’s not real, and I’m dreaming, and I can’t seem to wake up enough to go have a lucid dream. I look at the clock again, and the second digit has turned into a strange character, it looks almost like Oriental lettering, but made up of the little LCD bits. I feel like if I can get out of here, I can get into a proper dream. I get up, still can’t keep my eyes open, and walk half-blind THROUGH the wall and into the kitchen… I need to get out of the bedroom where it’s so dark and I feel so sleepy. I get to the kitchen, and open the refrigerator – it’s a different house, but I know it’s mine. The refrigerator is white, and shorter than mine – like the old one that is in the Studio. I open it up, and it is dark inside. I think for a minute that I want the light to come on, but then I remember that I can’t control lighting in dreams effectively, so I just reach in. I think at first that I want it to be full of bottles of good purple juice, because I’m thirsty; but then I realize that since I’m dreaming, I can have the things that I can’t in real life, and I want a BEER! I reach into the dark refrigerator, and pull out a can. As I look at it, it looks like a Budweiser can, red and white, but it says “Coors Light” on it. I shrug, and open it, and drink some. It’s not all that good, but it feels cool to be having a dream beer. I say to myself that I need to remember what beer tastes like.

I go through walls to the back bedroom, then go through the wall on the front, through the bushes, and start to fly. I fly through streets and around trees, scooping air with my hands to achieve the flight. I notice a lot of beautifully rounded shapes on the architecture as I fly past. They seem like homes, but very large.

I stop at a big park-like place; there is a circular courtyard, elongated at the ends like a road goes off of each end. There are goddesses and rose bushes painted in white, red, and green on the concrete walls, and there is a chain-link fence that divides the area into quarters, with some sort of turnstile-type gate in the very center. I decide that I want to stand in the center, and I sort of stand in the same space as the turnstile, and I spin to change the scene; I want to do something interesting.

As I finish my spin, I realize that I’m now dressed in flowing black robes, with a cape. I catch hold of the edges of the cape, something like putting my hands into pockets, and I realize that I can fly with this cape, like giant wings. I flap the cape, and rise into the sky. There is another vampire here; I can see him silhouetted against the sky, his cape-wings moving as he flies. I catch him, knock him down – I decide that I want to have sex with him. He is on his knees, or sitting on the ground – I start to put my dick in his mouth, but he has a set of the really cheap vampire fangs; they are a putty-magenta pink plastic. I take them out, and slide my dick into his mouth, and I can see his *real* fangs – which are very slender and exceptionally sharp, shaped like the big needles that they use to draw blood, but about the size of a pencil lead. I strip off his leather pants, and bend him backwards so that I have access to his ass – I notice that he has a black mole on the inside of his thigh. I spit on his ass, then push my dick into him, stroking his dick all the while; it feels like it pulls back into his body as I slide into him. It feels really good. I idly wonder if I’ll be able to stay in the dream, and lucid, long enough to fully enjoy it. After a few strokes, I hear Chris talking from behind me; we are in a long room shaped like a trailer, and he is lying on a couch or table along one of the walls. He asks me if I’m using protection – I explain that it’s a *dream* – and I can’t be held accountable or made to feel guilty for things that I do in my dreams. I also tell him that I don’t use rubbers in my dreams. He keeps complaining. I get up, and fly off. I go through a long hallway-like space, and there is a couple making out across an open Dutch half-door; he is sucking her breast. She looks at me, startled as I fly through, and says, “Can I see your Director?” I tell her no.

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