Dream: Servant at Diamond

Dream 20020604 10 AM:

Servant at Diamond

I’m at the Diamond warehouse – it’s different, but I know that it’s Diamond. I’m washing laundry, remember handling the scoops of powdered detergent. Someone moves the washer to beside the door, and I have to stay later than the others. Klaus sets up the door so that I can lock it when I close up. His relatives arrive – they apparently plan to live here. There is a family, with kids.

I am grumpy, since it’s late. They start moving stuff in; they’re angry because the warehouse is all dirty. Somehow I end up having to work for them, like a house servant. They make bedrooms among the shelves and stuff, and set up housekeeping.

I’m in my bed with Chris, making out – they come in and see us, and are startled and angry.

I’m serving them dinner, they all speak French. I’m learning to cook their food, which is all strange – strawberries they want sliced, then baked – the woman tells me how to slice and bake them. I slice them from furthest to nearest, top to bottom. One of the family speaks German too; I speak a little German with them.

Later – I go up 35 stories in some building to have a party. I have to read a prayer from a book over a microphone.

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