Dream: Joanna Bombs the School

Dream 20020604 3:20 AM:

Joanna Bombs the School

Joanna and I work at a school; I think she’s a teacher, and I’m her assistant. We are setting up a crack team of students to make and set a bomb, or several bombs – they are for some political reason, not intended to hurt anyone, just to damage property as a statement to get people’s attention. The part of the school where we’re setting up the bomb, though, is in Mom and Dad’s living room – the beams are in the ceiling and everything. It’s definitely part of the school, though. I am helping with the planning; there is rope involved, something to do with raising them into the attic. I pull out at the last minute, and leave while the actual setting of the bombs is taking place, because I don’t want to deal with the consequences. Joanna has researched all the potential consequences, and thinks that they won’t be able to prosecute her for it, but I still feel afraid that I could lose my job over it.

I agree to be gone when the bombing happens, and not to tell. There is something with 200# test 1/2″ rope, blue, hanging from the ceiling. Jaime has listed all the “91” consequences – like the 1991 laws pertaining to the bombing, but Joanna has figured it out for 2002.

They set it, and I am in the parking lot. Joanna comes out and gets into my car, on the driver’s side. I want to go down St. Andrews, to a book store. We go, then Joanna pulls out her cell phone – she has like 20 messages. She starts calling people back.

We are in a school staff meeting. The bomb went off, and has dented the ceiling of the room we’re sitting in; the patterns on the ceiling are bulging out, and the tiles are dented. The patterns on the ceiling are all in shades of yellow and pink; it’s very pretty, with lots of swirling designs of dots. It looks like a construction paper mosaic. Diana is here too. The Board is talking about the consequences of the bombing – something about how it dented the ceiling, and the damages. I’m taking notes. Joanna turns to me, and says we need to meet – they don’t seem to think I’m involved, and I want Diana to drive Joanna home, but I realize we’re all here in my car. Watching a video of students in a ballet – men in loose warmups. A male teacher is talking about something with music wire, and tuning. Another woman is talking about somebody buying a bunch of diamonds, but they were “streaming” – she has to buy them again! I think that the power was cut off by the bomb, and the diamond transaction was interrupted.

There is a required printed apology from Joanna – something about it going into the newsletter. Joanna is questioning the principal about what they plan to tell different groups.

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