Dream: Flying Flamingos

Dream 20020602, 6:30 AM:

Flying Flamingos

I’m walking along through a wooded area. I’m talking on a cell phone. I see a bunch of pink flamingos in the trees overhead; they take wing and fly. Then, I’m looking at a bunch of storks; they seem stylized, almost cartoonish. They are a family group, with big ones and little ones that are just miniatures of the adults.

Then, I’m at Mom and Dad’s house, but it’s a two-story with a balcony inside overlooking the living room, and I’m walking along picking up feathers. Some of them are from the flamingos, but some are from other birds. Some of them are very tattered, and I smooth them as I pick them up. Some look like long tail feathers, like from a lyre bird or pheasant.

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