Dream: The transparent Lampreys

This morning’s Dream:
The Transparent Lampreys

I’m walking along, talking with someone – I’m wearing some sort of Medieval-style garb, but I don’t recall any specifics. I’ve got a falcon on my glove, but he’s not a normal bird, almost reminds me more of a bat or flying squirrel. I see something flying through the woods – it reminds me of a butterfly, but also of a bird. I say something to my companion, and loose the falcon/squirrel, who flies off in hunt of the butterfly.

He doesn’t come back. It upsets me; I head out looking for him. I find my green gauntlet gloves floating in a stream, and then my hammer – it’s a tiny-headed thing, like a tack hammer, and it’s floating head-up. I remark on how odd this is, and take it and turn it head-down, and it floats that way too. It seems like the iron head would make it sink. There’s a larger hammer here too.

Then, I find this thing that looks like a piece of pipe, but is made of glass – it’s about as thick as my wrist, and probably a foot long. It’s translucent. I start to look at the end, and it opens up and there are what look like thousands of little sharp teeth inside, made of the same translucent gelid stuff as the tube itself. I jump back, and am scared of this. I somehow manage to get it home, but to the Kingwood house, and experiment with trying to cut it with a knife, which seems totally ineffectual… then, I pour bleach in the mouth of it, and it puffs up and appears to have died. When it dies, it looks like a sea-glass clear bottle. Then, I see that there are more of them – one is in a sheath, like it’s gotten inside a piece of steel tubing. In order to get the bleach into this one, I lick my finger and touch the mouth of it, so that it opens up, trying to bite my finger – then I stick a turkey-baster syringe full of bleach into its mouth and squirt it full. Others, I start pouring lye on, and they fizz and writhe and die.

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