Dream: "Melanna, Gehenna"

Dream at 1:30 AM:

“Melanna, Gehenna”

I’m at Mitchmore’s, in the front yard. I’m studying Latin, Arabic, and sorcery with their son – not one of the ones I recognize, though. The Dad comes out (not Mr. Mitchmore, though) and is FURIOUS to see what we’re doing – he shouts at us. We are writing on the sand, or somehow making an impression on the sand from the bottom of the paper we’re writing on; we smear it before he can read what we’ve written. Lightening strikes a tree, I think it’s the white wisteria; it starts to burn with a brilliant blue fire, and I know that it’s Elemental Fire. I call up Elemental Water to put it out; it involves a gesture like cupping my hands, and the words “Melanna, Gehenna!”

Then, I’m in a city, trying to find my teacher. I can’t find him. I go to the border of the city, but underground – it’s an old Arab city down here.

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