Dream: Ron Thompson and the Water Heater Bomb

This morning’s dream, 3:20 AM:
Ron Thompson and the Water Heater Bomb

Ron Thompson is at my parents’ house, and he’s doing some sort of wiring thing, setting up a bomb so that it will explode when somebody runs the hot water and makes the water heater cycle on. He goes into several different rooms, affixing wires and stuff to the plumbing. I am there too, but seem powerless to stop him.

I go into Dad’s bedroom closet and get a pistol. I aim it at Ron and shoot it, but it just points a little blue beam of light, like a laser pointer. I realize this is some sort of practice gun, just for targets. He pushes me into one of the bedrooms and shuts the door and I can’t get out. I eventually manage to bust out of the bedroom, and go in and get a different gun. This one works; I shoot it at the floor to check and make sure. There is coffee coming down through the ceiling at one point; I don’t know why.

Mom and Dad get home, and I go out to warn them not to turn on the water. I’m standing under the carport naked, for some reason – I don’t remember being naked before. Dad starts to run laundry, and I freak out – it will blow up the water heater! Ron has apparently decided he doesn’t want to carry out the bombing, and tries to stop Dad.

[phase shift]

I’m on a hillside; I’m breaking up with someone – Chris? Kego is here, and she is sad and confused; I point to her and say, “See how sad she is?” There are lots of yellow rudbeckias on the hills here, and they are beautiful; I look at them, and I realize that this is some special marked place, I think it’s just called “Here and Now.” The goodbyes are very sad, and I am crying. I look down, and I can see a bunch of tiny plants in incredible detail; it’s as if I’m looking through a magnifying lens.

There are more adventures that I don’t recall, or else a shift to a different plot point. I am out at sea in a boat, and I see Chris’s tiny wooden boat; it looks like a dinghy, but made of round logs with the bark on. They look almost like driftwood. I know that it’s his boat, and it makes me want to go to shore and find him. I think he’s at the Here and Now place. The dream ends like a movie, with music and character’s faces flashing up on the screen.

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