Dream: The Sculptor and the Unicorn Princess

Second dream, 7 AM:
The Sculptor and the Unicorn Princess

I’m walking with a group of people, and we tour the Sculptor’s house – it’s a very big old Victorian on a double lot. It’s very neat. We go outside, and then take a tour of the studio in back of it; it looks from the outside like it’s about the size of my Studio, but it’s much larger inside, with brick walls. There are several projects in the works laying around, and one in particular is a set of ceramic faces. They are very realistic, and one of them is marked, “Eugene, as a personal triumph!” The faces are mostly thin shells, and small, like 3″ across. They look realistic, but seem subtly wrong in minor ways – like the coloring looks too flat. There are a lot of other sculptures that look like antique pieces; I think they’re bronze, but they may just be treated to look that way. The texture of them is more like clay.

For some reason, we wreak havoc in the sculptor’s studio. It’s like something out of a movie, when people just go nuts and make a total huge mess. Spilling paint, knocking over tools and equipment. There seems to be no justification for it, and I don’t know why we did it. I go outside, and I find a saw/grinder wheel laying against a tree stump; I take it, and cut the toe off of my black Doc Marten boot. I say something to myself about that’s what I’d do with a tool like that, is cut the toes off my boot. I can poke my toes out through the end of the boot, and they’re unhurt. I hold the piece I cut off of my boot in my hand. I think that if I were going to work with these tools, I’d need steel-toed boots.

Our group of friends runs out of the studio with the sculptor chasing them. We run away, head to a park. The Unicorn Princess is with us now – she is just a pretty girl in a flowing dress, but I know that she belongs to the Other World, and we have to get her back, and the sculptor would do her harm if he catches her. The park has a lot of bridges and board walks, and a lot of water. She has to cross a certain bridge to get to Faerieland, but we don’t know which one it is. The sculptor is close behind us. I lead them to a bridge, but it’s the wrong one. I take the Princess aside, and explain to her that she needs to turn right, then back the way we came, then right again, and there she’ll find the right bridge. Where we are now, seems like the lake point campsite where Chris and I camped in Arkansas.

A black cat that I recognize as my Buio (even though he looks much thinner in the dream) bounds around the corner, and tells me to follow him. He is running very, very fast, and sort of zig-zagging as he runs, like he’s bounding around the curves in the paths. He takes us down a lot of concrete paths, and I remember some sort of elephant, but it could have been a sculpture. He takes us to the right bridge, and there’s some sort of drawbridge mechanism. The Unicorn Princess jumps onto the bridge, as I start to crank the bridge up so that the sculptor couldn’t follow her. She says something about coming back to visit, but I shake my head sadly – once the bridge is withdrawn, she won’t be able to cross it again.

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