Dream: The Naked Neighborhood Party

Third Dream, 7:00 AM:
The Naked Neighborhood Party

I’m at my house, but it reminds me of a cross between Jane Breed’s house in Abilene and Kevin Patterson’s house in Kingwood. I have a can of bug spray, I think I was going to spray a wasp nest or something – but the spray starts to come out of the can wrong, it’s shooting out all around the edges of the top. I drop the can in the driveway, and I run to the front of the driveway to get a hose to wash the stuff off me – it eventually subsides, and I hose down the driveway where it sprayed all over. It seems like my house at Avenel now.

We’re getting ready to leave in a car to go somewhere. I’m not sure who I’m with, but it’s a young married couple. The car changes a few times; it seems like a wagon, but also like an SUV, and some of the time it seems to be pulling a boat.

We drive along for a while, and find ourselves in a neighborhood of really cool old houses – but they’re TINY. The lots are very small, and the houses are the size of trailer houses, but they’re restored and renovated turn-of-the-century cottages. They are brightly painted, and have neat gardens. We drive through this neighborhood a while, looking at the houses, and we turn accidentally down a dead-end street, crossed at the end by a chain-link fence. It seems like the area is gridded into squares with chain-link, and each yard is fenced on all the sides.

Because of some complication involving having to back up with the boat trailer, we all get out of the car. I see a peahen inside one of the fenced yards, and she’s dancing around excitedly. I look around to see if there are any peacock feathers, and find a couple; then I realize that they’re actually attached to the peacock, who is lying down. I walk around the corner, and it’s like a cage. I have walked around to the back side, and there’s a little alleyway here, and there are lots of feathers; I pick up a whole bunch, and there are some that are different shades, some are almost all white, some have big purple eyes, some have a blue-black shade to the sword feathers. I pick up a bunch that is almost more than I can hold in one hand, and I take them and put them in the rear dash of the car. I make some comment about not wanting to be too greedy.

There is a party going on at the house next to where we’re stuck, and the man decides he’s going to go in and ask them for something – directions? Help? Anyway, he goes inside. The woman waits a while, and then she decides to go inside too – I go inside with her. It’s a strange party – there are naked people all over! Some are in various stages of undress, but it doesn’t seem sexual; they’re just having a normal party, but naked. The woman takes off her dress, and has on some sort of body-stocking undergarment; it is off one shoulder, and it reminds me of dance wear. It’s black. She wanders around, going from room to room; there is no sign of her husband here. I wander around as well. In one of the back rooms, I think it’s a bedroom, there are people having sex on a bed, and on a couch. I walk into a bathroom, and there are a whole lot of people packed into a shower; it almost looks like they’re doing some sort of stunt, seeing how many people they can get in there. These all seem like average people – men and women, various ages, weights, heights, and colors.

I go into the living room, and there are people sitting there reading. They’re all reading the same kind of books; they look like children’s books, with large type and illustrations, but they don’t seem like children’s stories. They’re not racy or anything, just more adult drama. There is some man here who is either the host, or has decided to act as my guide; he talks to me, and tells me about the folks at the party.

Finally, it’s time to leave; apparently, the couple has managed to make it back to the car, and they’re waiting on me. I don’t want to leave, because the people are being so friendly, and I’m having fun. One man gives me his card, but it’s like a little flat piece of black paper with these tiny flashing lights on it; they are the color of firefly glow, and there are four dots, arranged in a diamond shape. I look closer, and they look like tiny rhinestones. I carry it in the palm of my hand, but then somebody hands me a bowl to carry it in. I want to give them my card, so that they can call me for the next party, but I can’t find my Oaken King cards. I finally just tell them my number, and there are 4 or 5 people who write it down as I say it. This goodbye exchange is taking place across a bar, that goes from inside the house to outside; it’s like a big window. Then, I try to find my work cards, and can’t find them either; I find a little typed slip with a name on it, but it’s somebody from work, not my cards. I’m shuffling through my wallet, trying to find stuff. Eventually, I just get in the car and go.

We drive along, and now the people I’m with are Richard and MaLinda, and I’m not sure if anybody else is here. There seems to be somebody else in the front driving. Richard is in the very back; it’s like an SUV now, and he’s lying across the way-back part, bundled up in a blanket. He says something about how the party was filthy; I reach back and hit him, because I thought it was nice.

Then I find myself walking, instead of riding. I am walking through an area that reminds me of a huge commercial kitchen; there are people washing dishes in big sinks, and lots of people going back and forth. I can see the plumbing and stuff; it’s a work area. I think that it’s the kitchen for a gay school. There is a mat beside one of the sinks, and it’s made of red rubber tiles; I do some sort of dance on it, and the tiles squeak and squish as I dance. There’s somebody standing on the next mat, and I dance on his too, and he kind of mimics the dance. Then, I walk on, and into the kitchen cooking area. There are two men here talking across a prep island. There is someone here looking for work, and one of the guys at the prep island says something about, “Hey, we’ll let you sleep downstairs with the men…” and I look at him and raise an eyebrow, and say, “Or, we’ll let you NOT sleep with the men”… meaning that the “men” would probably molest him if he bunked with them, and he might not want to. We laugh. There are big loaves of bread, and big bread dough balls ready to bake, and then I see a pan of what look like little lambs in a marinade. One of them bounds across the pan under the surface, looks like something from a cartoon. It seems like a fluffy lamb, but it also looks like meat.

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