Dream: "F**K you, Eric Verett!"

First Dream, 4:20 AM:
‘F**K you, Eric Verett!’

I’m in a library, talking to a little group of friends about how I used to have these creepy experiences in a library when I was a kid… I would hear noises on the far side of the shelves, but I could see by the reflection in the plate-glass windows that the other side of the shelves was empty. A little skinny guy pops up – from around a corner, maybe? He says it was him all along, making the noises when I was a kid. He’s very animated and energetic, almost like he has too much caffeine in his system. He has a weird knife attached to his arm – it looks like a switchblade, but also has a knife and fork attached, like a Boy Scout camping pocketknife. He has a ball, about the size of a golf ball but very bouncy, and he keeps juggling it, tossing it, and catching it on the knife part. The ball seems sometimes to be red, sometimes to be black. It’s like a magic trick, the way he handles it. He talks a while about it, and hands me the knife to look at – it seemed earlier like it was attached to his hand, but he was just holding it. I read “AFGHANISTAN” on the inside of the spoon, then something about “These United States”. There is a layer of crud on the inside of the spoon, makes it difficult to read. I look around at book titles on the shelves – it seems like we’re in some sort of comparative religions section, but I don’t remember any book titles. I remember seeing several books that were cloth-bound, and one in particular that was blue grey with a crescent moon on the top of the spine above the title.

Then, I’m talking to some guy. He is sitting in a book shelf, amongst books; he is in a place where there was only one row of shelves, so it’s big enough for him to sit in there. He says something about “And these are the [item of clothing – shoes?] you used to wear when you’d go have sex with four or five people.” He seems disgusted, like he’s moralizing. I say to him, “F**K you, Eric Verett!” [He’s not Eric, though – Eric used to live beside my cousin’s house. This guy is way too pale, and beefier than Eric.] He asks me if I think that the multiple-partners thing is really hot… I explain to him that it’s like drinking, some people drink alone, but for some people it’s a loneliness thing, and they want to do it with other people, so that they don’t feel so lonely.

Then, I head home. I take a different road than usual – it’s the Lesbian road, I know for some reason that if people saw me on this road, they’d know I was a Lesbian. I am walking, and part of the time crawling – the sensation of pulling myself hand-over-hand is very distinct. Part of the road reminds me of the little greenbelt bridges in Kingwood.

Once I get home, I walk indoors, and the same guy is there, but he’s naked. I have just gotten out of a shower, and he says something about me getting ready for sex.

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