Dream: Diana's Chocolate Milk

Second Dream, 6:00 AM:
Diana’s Chocolate Milk

I’m in a restaurant, having dinner with Joanna and Diana. We get our plates, and everyone’s having burritos – but they’re on these huge plates with piles of salad and other stuff. Diana sticks her finger in her guacamole, and then pushes her plate toward me, telling me to feel it – it’s warm, and she thinks that’s funny.

Then, Joanna reaches over and takes Diana’s chocolate milk, which is in a large plastic carton like the half-gallon from the store. She skips across the room of the restaurant, drinking Diana’s milk. She seems very smug about it. She dumps the empty carton into a trash bin, and comes back. I turn to Diana, and say, “She just took your milk!” but Diana shows me that she had poured a glass, and Joanna just took what was left in the carton. I feel better.

Then, a waitress comes and refills my drink, but spills some on my leg. It’s some kind of red herbal iced tea, and she is very upset about spilling it, but I don’t feel worried about it at all, and try to reassure her.

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