Dream: Madrinage, the High School Riot

Earlier, the 2:45 AM dream:
Madrinage, the High School Riot

I’m at a place that I think is a high school. There is some sort of riot going on; there are men here with guns, and kids running everywhere – I think the men with the guns are on the staff. I see the Principal, and he has a gun and he shoots a couple of students. I see that there is a whole bunch of bullet proof glass; I think that if there weren’t so much bullet proof glass he might have shot me too. I feel like I’m one of the chief instigators in this riot. It’s some sort of uprising.

I manage to get out of the building, and I’m trying to run. It’s a strange slope, and it’s difficult to run; part of the time I reach forward and grab the grass in my hands and use that to help me. I’m afraid that if I don’t get out, I’ll get shot. There are kids streaming out of the building. I see a teacher, she reminds me of Mrs. Thomas, the teacher that I had for Government senior year. I tell her that the Principal is shooting people, and we’ve got to run; she asks if I saw actual “madrinage”… I think it refers to seeing the Principal shooting students. I tell her that I did. She is standing next to something like a refrigerator; I remember touching the seal that goes around the door.

Then I’m outside. I am trying to find my car, and I remember that I parked it in a remote lot. I try to get someone to give me a ride to my car, but everybody is jumping into their cars and peeling away. Finally, one wild-looking woman has jumped up on top of this thing that looks like a cargo truck, and I jump up behind her and she doesn’t seem to mind, and she drives us away.

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