Dream: The Leatherman, His Boy, and the Gorilla

This morning’s dream fragment:
The Leatherman, his Boy, and the Gorilla
I’m in a cathedral; I think that we’re assembling for Mass or some sort of service. I have met a girl, and want to sit next to her, because she’s the only person in this whole huge place that I know. There is a priest at the front, and he has a huge altar full of various stuff – it looks like the altar of a ceremonial magician, not of a church. He is doing some process with the items on the altar, but I don’t understand what’s going on. The building is beautiful – I remember looking around, and enjoying the woodwork and the beautiful architecture.

Then, I’m outside, in a small fenced yard. There is a man here, reminds me of a porn actor named Lance Gear. He is talking to me about how there’s a gorilla that keeps coming around and marking his boy – the boy is a little bit smaller, and red-headed. The man sniffs his chin, making a lot of noise, like a dog snuffling. He says something about how the boy keeps running off, because of the gorilla smell. I tell him that he just needs to mark his boy himself – I push his arm up, and take the boy’s head and rub it on the leatherman’s armpit. They both smile – this seems like it will solve their problem. They are up against a wall of a white building in the chain-link fenced yard. The leatherman pulls me toward the two of them, smiling as he does so, as if he’s going to start a three-way thing. I tell him that I really can’t get involved in this.

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