Dream: "NOT the same boy! NOT the same dog!" LUCID

At 1:45 this morning, a LUCID dream:
“Not the Same Boy! Not the Same Dog!”
There was more before this that I can’t recall.

I am a vampire, or some sort of supernatural person. I am having some kind of conflict/contest with another of the same kind. We’re having to do various contests, I’m not sure what the reason. At one point, he is sealed inside a thing that looks like a bird bath, but with a concrete thing turned upside-down on top. I am reciting something, as I’m circling it; it is something to do with the things that I’ve done with the contest. Then, I abruptly stop, and say, “And I don’t have to put up with you any more. Gold. It’s gold-plated water, and you’re sealed in there. Goodbye.” I know that he will be very angry if he can manage to break out, but it seems pretty secure. It’s probably cheating, but I don’t care.

I fly away. For some reason, it seems like he might have endangered the children that I’m supposed to be watching. I fly to a building that reminds me of Grandmother and Granddad’s old country house, and standing in the doorway reminds me that I’ve been here before in this dream… and I realize that I’m dreaming, and become LUCID. In order to try to deepen the lucidity, I do a little dance, feeling my body very strongly, and chanting, “Lu-cid-dream-ing-lu-cid-dream-ing”. I decide that now I want to fly away. I also decide that I want to follow the plot of this dream to see where it goes; it’s interesting, and I don’t want to change it up. I go to a large house, and there are several kids inside; these are the kids I was worried about earlier. I go from room to room, making sure everyone is OK. I eventually look out a window, and see a parade going on down there; it seems very festive, like Mardi Gras, and I decide to go down and join in it.

I fly out the window and down, and find myself in something like a bus or a slow boat; it is open to the air on top, and there are lots of women here in outlandish outfits. Very colorful. Some of them have these feather umbrella-like things, and they’re waving them in the air. I grab someone’s, and start using it to fly; it catches the air for me. I fly around, I’m under something like a bridge. I see a man walking around with a boy and a dog; apparently, he’s trying to get a boy and a dog to impersonate someone. He sees another similar boy and dog, and he gets mad, and rushes the guy that they’re with, and yells at him; the other guy says, very clearly, “NOT the same boy… NOT the same dog!”

The dog looks like a brown Lab puppy, and it is the wrong one – it’s not nice. It bites on to my jacket sleeve, and when I fly up into a tree, it’s stuck to me… I decide that it should become a nice puppy, and its eyes change and it becomes sweet. There is a sense of flying down and up as this happens, or as if my head is swimming and I’m focusing in and out.

I become more and more conscious of the room, and finally wake.

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