Dream: Clown Make-Up

Then, at 8:00 AM:
Clown Make-Up
I’m walking through some sort of shop; I remember looking at a bunch of stuff that was marked “79% Off!” It’s all seasonal items. I look at some little boxes, they are made of some sort of clay or resin, and they look like houses with winter decor. Several of them have multiple price tags on them; they were originally like twenty-something dollars, now just a couple of dollars.

Then I’m at a party. More has happened between, but I don’t remember it. I find myself lying on a couch, with my head on a woman’s lap; she reminds me of Denise P from Rice. She puts some makeup on me for fun; I remember just a couple of swipes with her sponge, but when I look in a mirror, my entire face is white, with severe dark burgundy eyeshadow (looks slick, like it’s wet). Then, looking again, it’s like clown makeup; there is a shape painted in purple on my nose, and my eyes are shadowed way up. The colors are very Southwestern looking, not at all like regular clown makeup.

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