Dream: Nina and the Attack Plant

This morning’s Dream:
8:00 at Kingwood House: Nina and the Attack Plant
I’m with a group of friends, at a big department store. There is an area that has a huge spiral staircase; we come in through a side door, and Nina Van Horn from “Just Shoot Me” is there. She makes us hug her; it has to do with her wanting to hug some guy in our group. She says something about her clothes (her designs) are going to be on the special racks; we see the special racks, and they are like long tall poles with cross-bars, with the clothes hung on the cross-bars like scarecrows. We slide down some of the poles, and get to a lower level.

There is a room here, and we go into it, and are trapped there. There are all these plants around, and I remember somebody cutting off and coiling a length of some special rope vine. There is a plant here in a pot; it is dangerous somehow. We gather around it, and kill it with love… it’s actually each person leaning toward it, petting and stroking it, and saying, “Love… love… aww…” and it shrivels up and wilts. I dig out the root, and it’s this huge bulb shaped like a piece of fruit. Where the tap-root should be, there’s a little mouth, it reminds me of the plant in “Little Shop of Horrors.” It says, “Feed me… ” and instead, I lay it on a table and slice it open; it looks like a mango, and I’m making it into tiny slices.

One person from our group went into a small, separate chamber in the big room; I think he’s trying to kill the rest of us. He has some sort of bomb, it looks like a fruit on a stick – he pokes it through a wall from the little room he’s in, and it starts putting out smoke, but somehow we defuse it. He tries to escape through the doors to the outside, but some woman heads out there too, and then a man nabs him and knocks him down. I ask the woman who took care of him, and she says, ‘Why, our Paul!”

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