Dream: Earth in the Night Sky LUCID

Last Night’s LUCID dream –
3:45 AM: Earth in the Night Sky

I’m walking along outside; it’s a nice neighborhood, reminds me of parts of Kingwood. I dreamed earlier about a huge box turtle the size of a Galapagos tortoise beside Kingwood drive. I look up, and I can see Earth spinning gently above us – it’s a little bigger than the moon, and shines about as bright as the full moon, perhaps a little paler – but I know that it’s Earth, and you can see the continents and clouds. It’s a little more rose-colored than how it shows in the photos from space. I am watching it for a while, and then it disappears, like an eclipse – but quickly, darkening from one side across to the other. I realize that it’s gone behind the ALIEN SHIP!! I kind of freak out when I realize that there is an area of darkness up there that is an alien ship. It has some sparks of light on it, so that it looks like a field of stars, but you can see it if you try. It almost looks like the outline of a city’s downtown – lots of straight lines and corners.

There are aliens walking down the street now. They are dressed in white suits, like the kind that a hazardous chemical cleanup crew would use, but without breathing apparatus, just face masks. They’re going from house to house, and they’re doing something to the inhabitants – gassing them? Something like that.

Then, I go into one of the houses. There are military people here, I think – some sort of police organization, if they’re not military. They have uniforms. I’m in a bathroom, and I can look out through spaces in the walls and see two different bedrooms from here. Everyone’s getting ready for bed. I’m taking a pee, and there is somebody’s uniform here who has ticked me off, hanging on a hanger on the bathroom door… I pee all over it. At some point here I realize that I’m dreaming, and become moderately LUCID – not quite enough for complete control, but enough to be self-aware of dreaming. I think I realized it earlier as well, when I figured out that the Earth could not be in our night sky.

There is another guy here with me in the bathroom; he was talking me into peeing on this person’s uniform. I decide that he ought to lean over and blow me – he does, just a little, and it feels good. Then the scene shifts, and he’s gone. I walk into one of the bedrooms, and there is a very tall bed, like you’d need a ladder to get into it. There are two pairs of feet sticking out of the bottom of the covers, and there is a man here with short spiky hair. He reaches over and tickles the feet, and they curl up; he says something about it being two ladies. He says, “Choose theees one!” in a thick, fake-sounding accent. Then he pulls back the covers, and they’re not women, but men; he says as much, “They’re not womenz… they are just preety mens!” There are two men here, one just barely visible the way the covers are pulled back, the other is fully uncovered. He is smooth all over, and muscular but not defined – I feel the skin of his chest, and climb into bed with them. They feel up and down me, and I do the same a while. Then, I keep feeling Taco move in the (real) bed, and Chris moves, and I slowly drift toward wakefulness. I try spinning, but it’s difficult to maintain the dream state; I look at my hand, which is silhouetted against a window with blinds; I shake it back and forth, it looks like a shadow, and has too many fingers. I remember thinking that this was OK, because it just proves that I’m dreaming. The dream continues to fade, until I am awake.

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