Dream: Visiting the Greenhouse

Dream #3 – 7:00 AM –
Visiting the Greenhouse
I’m at Mom and Dad’s house, except that now it’s my house. Dana B. is here, and I’m trying to get her moved out – but she keeps not wanting to pack up her stuff. She gets upset and cries. I tell her that if she doesn’t move it, and quick, that whatever she leaves is mine; she is frustrated and whiney. [I think she represents my Inner Lazy Fat Chick – the part of me that wants to eat bonbons instead of clean house]

Then, I’m in a shop – reminds me of a donut shop? I’m celebrating something; it seems like I’m graduating from some kind of school. Chris has brought me a present in a big sack, and my boots are in the sack with it, so we can go dancing afterwards. I’m very touched. Then Mom gives me a present, which is a tiny sack with a helium balloon tied to it; I don’t remember opening it. The staff of the place come out of the back, carrying a cake and singing a song about some company getting a client account – it’s pathetically off-key and sad-sounding, to the tune of Happy Birthday. They are lighting some sort of candles, and in the center of the table is a big sculpture that reminds me of the WB frog, and it has a wick in one hand that they try to light.

I leave with Mom in her car, I think it’s the SUV. She nearly drives over a big plant stand full of potted plants – I tell her not to, and that she needs to watch where she’s going. We go to a cool greenhouse / nursery, and we’re walking through the rows and rows of tables with plants; there are some areas where we have to duck around fallen boards, and the plants seem like they’ve gone wild. I tell Mom that these are my favorite parts, “Where somebody’s planted a flat of petunias and then forgot about it, and it grows like a jungle.” We walk along, dodging random boards – Mom sees some nails pointing up from a strut on the floor, and she paints them with a red-brown paint so that I will see them and not step on them. Then, we go through a section with no plants – it’s all bulbs. I see someone pick up a big bulb, and I somehow know that it belongs to some kind of water plant. It’s shiny, and very pretty in its own right. Then, I see a display of bulb flowers – they look like cut flowers in vases, to show what the bulbs will yield, but upon closer examination, they are made of fabric. One is orange with black parts, reminds me of one of those firecracker lilies; another has bands of brown trim around a cone shape.

Then we’ve gotten to the end of the greenhouses; there are still rows of plants, but it’s outside. There is a woman that I think I met in an earlier dream here – she is a friend of mine now. She and a group of her friends are playing music, it reminds me of the Siglos Pasados CD that Joanna gave me. One of her friends is riding on an elephant.

Then I’m in an alley behind my house. There is a woman here with some kids; she is talking to them, tells them that “He might just sit there and watch me slap you!” She’s saying it like she’s being funny. I’m sitting in a chair, I think a folding chair, with a laptop computer on my knees; I’m trying to find some internet site, and it keeps giving me RUDE error messages; instead of “cannot find site,” it says, “WRONG – try again, wimp!” The screen has large blue areas of screen, and larger-than-usual writing.

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