Dream: Nuclear Triage

Second Dream:
Nuclear Triage
6:15 AM: woke naturally
I’m standing with Joanna in a very crowded room. There has apparently been some sort of nuclear attack, and many people are hurt, sick, blinded – they are coming to Joanna for help. She is surrounded by people, and they are all talking at once; she finally sits down behind a desk, and they line up to talk to her. She doesn’t seem to be actually treating them, so much as offering advice and determining how they should be treated. I get the feeling that I could get sick if I stay around all these sick people, and I think I ought to leave; then I realize that I ought to stay here and help Joanna, so I ask her what I can do. She says that I should help the people in line and make sure that they have filled out their forms correctly. They each carry a one-page form that is important to the process. So I set up a chair about 5 people back from the front of the line, and start helping people with their forms.

Then I’m watching a video explaining how the nuclear attack caused all this damage. It shows a field of flowers, like tulips, being leveled by the blast in a powerful wave. Then it shows a dog, but the dog looks like it’s fake or stuffed; two real dogs run away from it, and I think they’re going to hide from the blast, then the scene shifts back to the tulips being flattened.

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