Dream: Milkshake at the Black Eyed Pea

This late-morning’s dream:

Milkshake at the Black Eyed Pea

I’m at a Black Eyed Pea restaurant, but not any real one that I know of. I want to get a milkshake. Reese Mack is here with his sister; they’re sitting at a table. I walk up, say hello to him, he briefly introduces me to his sister. I shake her hand, then realize that I probably ought to kiss it like she was a countess. I do that, she laughs, then sits down, and they both ignore me.

I want a milkshake. I am not seated at a table, just walking around; I decide that if I want one, I’m going to have to get it. So I go get a tall cup, and find the soft-serve machine, and pour myself a shake. I am trying to find a waitress to pay for it so I can leave. I have a $5 bill in my hand, and I realize that it would be more than the milkshake costs, but I think I’ll just give them that much, and go. I finally find one, and she is dismayed that I made the shake, and also that it is way too full. She takes it from me and is trying to find a lid to put on top of it. I walk around a while, then I go over by the back door, and I see that she has put it down and people have dropped crud on it – looks like sand or crumbs. It’s gross now, so I don’t want it – I am fed up, and just walk out the door. I look back at the restaurant, and get a strange suspicion because I can’t see the sign – I look for it, but can’t see it. Drizzle is falling very gently through the air, making the bare trees look like they’re covered with tiny dots of light. The dream ends, and I realize that I’m lying in bed – I think I was just on the edge of being lucid.

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  1. lobotex
    lobotex says:

    lucid yes?

    So what would you have done if you went lucid while still in this dream?

    Me? I probably would have robbed the Black Eyed-Pea, whipped up a killer banana-chocolate shake, then went next door to Stuckey’s and bought pecan logs for all my friends! 😛

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Re: lucid yes?

    I would have probably gone flying. For the most part, my dreaming lucidity has consisted of about three seconds, like in this one, where I realize, “Hey, this isn’t real, I must be dreami” Welcome back to reality. One lucid dream I did a little flying, another one I was walking through an antique mall, and then went off in search of Chris to tell him about my lucid dream, and how we were both in it.

    The thing that I love the most, is that your mind continues to throw subconscious weirdness at you when you’re lucid dreaming. You might go into the Stuckey’s next door and find out it was a pool hall full of billiards-playing dogs. Flying is still a favorite activity of mine in dreams, lucid or no.

    Another “Planned Lucid Dreaming Activity” is practicing magick. Often the lucid-dreaming mind is supposed to be able to better sense the flow of subtle energies, and I want to experiment with that. I think it will help me with the real-life version.

  3. lobotex
    lobotex says:


    Yes! I have heard of this. An (ex)friend said that if you practice magick during a lucid dream, it is supposed to be BIG Ju-Ju.

    Good luck!

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