Dream: Mag-Lev

Dream #2: When I woke up at 2:30, this was the dream I’d just left.


I’m in some futuristic society. This dream is exceptionally beautiful; I notice at several points how brilliantly colored and lush the surroundings are. I keep going back and forth between being involved in the action, and watching it; it seems a lot like a movie.

I’m with my lover, who looks like Mel Gibson. We’ve done some sort of affront to the government, and this woman orders us to leave; she calls for a mag-lev car like the one in the Riven game to come and pick us up. But as we’re standing on the tracks waiting for it to come, I realize that she hasn’t called for a car – just the housing that carries it – and this will crush us where we stand. Somehow, knowing this, we’re able to sidestep it when it flies down the track, and hold on to a knob on the housing, and it carries us out to sea, where it drops us – it was supposed to be dumping our bodies. But this isn’t deep ocean, it’s like a pleasure beach, full of people frolicking in the water and having fun. We play along with them for a while, and work our way to a deserted area of beach and walk ashore. Now, we’re on the run – because the government realizes that we’re not dead.

Now it becomes like a movie scene. I’m watching the story of the government trying to find us – all sorts of vehicles, most of which look like some sort of futuristic movie cars and hovercraft, are searching for us – they send out little white lines like lasers, and scan the faces of anybody in their sight line – it’s very quick, looks like straight-line lightening. Somehow, we’ve either used makeup or prosthetics to make ourselves look different, and they can’t find us. We look different than we did before.

Now we’re out in the country. My lover is driving an old car; I know that it’s significant that it’s a real, gas-burning internal combustion car, not one of the new machines – because this means it doesn’t have a computer that would report back to the government. I can see him as he gets out of the car at one point – it seems like we’re in the Ozarks, or Appalachia – very back-woods. Each time the scene changes, I see the scene build itself like a computer animation – I remark to Chris (as if we’re sitting together in a movie theater, watching this) how lush and beautiful the scenery is, what a good job the film’s animators did – it looks very real. I watch as the trees develop from nothing, one after another, into a thick tangled wood; it’s very pretty.

We’re playing some computerized game with questions that we answer. I’m not sure which one of us is answering them, but we get like 5 in a row right – then I realize that these questions were specifically designed to hunt us down, and the computer is going to report our position to the government, and the woman who wants us dead will hunt us down, and I’m afraid.

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