Month: February 2011

Tomatoes, Chickens, Mason Bees.

The tomatoes are doing well. These were planted the 23rd of January.  They’re doing quite well in their four-inch pots.  I kind of wish I had started them earlier, but by the same token they’re easier to manage when they’re not huge… and there are a lot of them.  I’m going to share some with [Continue]

Witch Egg

Our Phoenix hen, Sue, laid a witch egg. Chris found it by the food bowl.  From reading up, they’re called “Witch eggs,” “Dwarf eggs,” “runt eggs,” and “wind eggs.”  Some people call them “fart eggs.”  We think that it may have been her first egg back on the cycle – she had stopped laying for [Continue]

When Ya Gotta Go…

Monday, I was working on cleaning out the chicken coop.  Rawnell decided that she needed to lay an egg.  In spite of the whole top of the coop being open, she walked up the plank and plopped herself on the nest.  I respectfully left her alone; a girl needs some privacy for these things. Apparently [Continue]

How I Throw

A friend of mine recently asked me how I go about throwing (twisting) my filament silk yarns.  Throwing is needed to turn the totally-flat raw silk into tram and organzine; it’s a little like spinning, and a little like plying, but it’s really its own thing. To start with, I wind all the filament onto [Continue]

Three Blue Eggs!

Today, for the first time, we have three blue eggs.  This confirms what I had suspected – our three Ameraucanas have been taking turns laying. We’d been getting two blue eggs a day most days, but the color wasn’t always 100% consistent, and just recently a couple of the eggs were bloody outside (typical of [Continue]

It Doesn’t Usually Snow Here…

By 5:45 this morning, it had already snowed a couple of inches. By nine this morning, we had nearly five inches. This is really beautiful snow; it fell almost straight down, so it built up on every available surface, instead of blowing into drifts. The coop is covered in a thick layer.  The chickens were [Continue]