Month: January 2011

Tomato Time Again!

In order to try and beat the heat, my Dad always starts his tomatoes really early.  Last year was the first time he started tomatoes from seed, and it inspired Chris and me to start some of our own. Chris got a little plant-starting greenhouse with a heating mat, and a Jump Start plant light, [Continue]

Presenting: Rawnell!

After several unsuccessful attempts, we finally managed to get our rooster Little Bit returned to the farmer and exchanged for a hen.  We picked a lovely Ameraucana, gold with brown and black markings.  One of my friends from work, Ron, asked us to name her after him.  One of Chris’s friends from work, Ellen, made [Continue]

Beehive Fail

When I had a beekeeping friend inspect my hive early this summer, she said that the hive was way too small and not building up properly, and was likely not going to make it through the winter.  I requeened in September, and I fed and hoped.  The hive dwindled down in numbers, but I didn’t [Continue]

Chickens Don’t Like the Snow

We got a little snow last night. It snowed a couple of inches yesterday, but then melted off, and snowed again overnight.  This morning, we had just a dusting on everything, but it was all fluffy and frozen. I always think our house looks best with snow on it. The garden got just enough snow [Continue]