Month: December 2010

Sue’s New Eggs, Hen Pecking

The fertile Marans eggs arrived in  the mail today! They were all well-packaged, and all six of them arrived whole and uncracked. They’re not quite as large as Ginger’s freakishly Jumbo eggs, but their color is excellent. I set up a broody box for Sue in the upstairs bathroom, where we raised the Ameracuana chicks [Continue]

Our Little Bantam… hen?

Today, for the first time, I saw Little Bit crow. So far, at least, it’s really low-volume; I hope we don’t end up with a full-on rooster crow, because they’re not allowed in the City of Dallas.  If “she” turns out to be a “he,” we may have to get rid of her.

One Banty Hen, One Broody Hen

I finally got a good shot of Little Bit.  She is about the size of a pigeon. Sue has decided to go broody.  She was setting eggs when we got her from Bageniece Farms.  Most of the hens we have are from breeds that don’t tend to go broody, and I’m hopeful that she’ll turn [Continue]

Anybody recognize this hem?

A friend of mine is working on writing a description of a textile, and is having trouble describing the hem.  I’ve seen similar turned-scallop technique in San-Blas applique, but I don’t know if there’s an English term that describes this. This is showing the back.  You can see where the brighter printed color from the [Continue]


Today was the holiday party for the Rainbow Garden Club – Dallas’s gay gardening group.  I had to take something fabulous for the potluck. I started with a pound of deli ham, a pack of sliced Swiss cheese, a pack with capicola, calabrese, and peppered salami, two bricks of cream cheese, some cherry tomatoes, and [Continue]