Month: September 2010

Not a Vine at All

My first thought was, “Hmm, the hyacinth bean vine has started growing onto the ailanthus bush.  But something didn’t seem quite right… And, not a great surprise in this yard… it’s a beautiful little snake. Such a sweet little face!  I think it’s a Rough Green Tree Snake, Opheodrys aestivus. He crawled onto the fence [Continue]

Lady Margaret

Today was the first day I saw any blooms on the Lady Margaret passionflower. They’re lovely! They’re not as large as some of the varieties, but the color makes up for the size. The different types ramble along one another… it can be difficult with some of them to tell where one vine ends and [Continue]

Chris’s Birthday

For Chris’s birthday, I took him down to central Texas for a skydiving class. Chris, looking dashing in his jump suit. We tried really hard to get him into the neon-green-and-pink one, but he swore it wouldn’t fit. Me, looking portly in my jumpsuit, and explaining something with lots of gestures. For some reason, Chris [Continue]

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen!

I felt really bad.  For the first time since the bees arrived in April, I walked toward the hive with treason in my heart.  I was going to find, and kill, and replace the Queen. The decision had actually been made in June – the queen’s brood pattern was spotty, and the hive wasn’t happy [Continue]

More Passionfruit

One of the reasons that I get really annoyed when people refer to outdoor sericulture as “wildcrafting,” is that I know from wildcrafting… we usually called it “picking blackberries” or “picking wild grapes” in my family, but we have a long history on both sides of going into the wild and coming back with jams [Continue]

Great with Child

This time of year, it’s not just the moths that are getting busy in the garden. This lovely mantis is starting to show her egg belly – she’ll be laying hundreds of eggs in a tough, resiny casing soon.  I have very much enjoyed all the mantises this year! Charlottte is yolking up, too.  She [Continue]


The day before yesterday, a lovely female polyphemus moth hatched out, from this June’s rearing.  They had been taking so long that I was beginning to worry they would not hatch until spring, but I think they were just waiting for cooler temperatures.  I put her in the little suet feeder cage and put her [Continue]