Month: July 2010

A Great Steaming Pile

I’ve been getting mulch, bucket by bucket, from a wonderful tree company, Preservation Tree Service.  I haven’t hauled any for a while, because it’s just been too hot, but when I was spreading out the sheet mulch early this spring, I was going multiple times per week, sometimes even multiple trips per day.  I probably [Continue]

Charlotte Changes

I looked at the spider web, and saw something weird hanging in the middle… I thought, “Aww, something killed Charlotte.”  But, it turned out, it was something entirely more wonderful. Charlotte was changing her skin. The knees are always the hardest part… And, she’s out. She hung like this, soft-bodied and vulnerable, until it was [Continue]

A Purple Passion

A lot of lovely purple is happening in the garden. This passionflower, Passiflora x “Incense,” is really coming into its own – it puts out three to five of these spectacular blooms each day. This is Purple Majesty millet; I was worried that the photo was out of focus, looking at it on the camera, [Continue]