Month: May 2010

Chickens in Motion

I’m giving the chickens short, very supervised visits to the side yard – working to get them used to the idea of going back into the house, and also making sure that the dogs become acquainted with them as members of the family, rather than crunchy squeaky toys. This is Thing One.  I keep getting [Continue]

Chickenbee Update

The coop in its new home in the side yard. The chickens are doing well.  After a couple of days of not being able to figure out how to go up and down the plank, they’ve finally managed it, and they go back and forth easily.  Their voices are changing; they are starting to make [Continue]

Chicken Coop

Chris built a chicken coop this weekend.  I helped some, screwing on the flashing and attaching some of the hardware cloth, but it’s really Chris’s baby. We decided on a design based on the A-frame “Ark” style of chicken coop, like the Wentworth Mountain Arks.  This allows the coop to be moved from spot to [Continue]

Bees Hatching Out

I had another nice visit with the bees.  I’m getting much more of a handle on the process and the feel of working through the frames. Her Maj the Q continues to lay a lot of eggs.  The bees are no longer taking the sugar syrup, so I hope they’re putting up some real honey.  [Continue]


The squashes are blooming like crazy. Unfortunately, today’s crop are all boys!  I need to learn how to make the stuffed-and-fried version; I understand they’re quite a tasty treat. Looking closer, there’s something in them… the bees are still asleep this early in the morning, but the blossoms already have visitors. Ants.  Tiny ants are [Continue]

My Grandmother Read to Me

There was this story my Grandmother read to me… it was a kids book, and I think the title included a family’s name.  This family moved to the country, and a dishonest man sold them a parcel of land that turned out to be a pond… and therefore useless.  Something happened that drained the pond, [Continue]

Bees are Doing Well!

I inspected the hive again this evening after work, and got to show Chris’s parents all (of what little I know so far) about the bees. The queen is doing her job, laying like mad.  This is one busy little frame of comb – it’s honey along the top (although I’m pretty sure it’s “honey” [Continue]

Garden and Chicken updates, Honeysuckle, Surprise Moth

The garden is continuing to bang right along. I’m realizing that some things I planted too densely – like most of it, actually.  It’s hard for me to remember, when they’re tiny four-inch-pot plants that we’ve raised from seeds, that they will become huge monsters. The mustard is continuing to provide us with spicy and [Continue]