Month: March 2010

Good Garden, Evil Garden

I’ve been trying to figure out how to say it… we don’t really have the space for two separate “gardens,” but we’re planning an area, an aspect, a side, which will be filled with light and brilliant flowers… and another part that will be full of the most interesting, blood-thirsty, wicked things we can find.  [Continue]

Another Smoke Test

Today, I visited Christi B.’s apiary.  We saw some fascinating things, a few of which were different than what I saw at Alan’s, and I got some more pictures. Christi keeps some of her bees at a neat small farm in DeSoto, a few miles south of Dallas. We got to see purple-eyed drone brood, [Continue]

Dallas Arboretum

After we got done visiting Alan’s bees, Chris and I went to the Dallas Arboretum.  It’s been years since I’d been there, and Chris had only been in one corner for a race that he runs which starts there.  We walked all over the grounds, and saw and sniffed all kinds of spring flowers. Hellebore [Continue]

Smoke Test

I’m going to be getting a couple thousand bees in two weeks.  Until today, I’ve never actually opened a hive; I wanted some first-hand experience. My husband Chris was kind and brave enough to take pictures. Alan from the Trinity Valley Beekeeper’s Association was kind enough to let me come over and “help” (i.e., get [Continue]

Local color

The City (I’m guessing here, it could have been any of two or three street-maintenance bodies; it’s a City waterway at the crossroads of a City street and an Interstate Highway, adjacent to a railroad right of way… but, whoever usually has to mow it) decided to brighten up some rough areas near my office [Continue]

The garden abides

Well, with all the snow this past weekend, I was expecting at least a LITTLE garden damage… I had been holding off on planting the tender plants, but the baby spinach, the tiny little beet seedlings – it just didn’t seem like they would make it through unscathed under an inch-thick blanket of the white [Continue]

More of the March snow

We didn’t quite wake up to the Winter Wonderland experience that we’ve had already twice this year – but there was a blanket of snow on most easily-cooled surfaces. It looks like we had a little under an inch accumulation.  Some areas north and east of here got six to eight inches. The sidewalks and [Continue]

Snow, in March, in Dallas

I’ve lived in Dallas now for seventeen years.  It will typically snow once every other year, sometimes as much as once a year.  This year, we’ve had, I believe, five or six days with snow.  I’ve never seen it this late – it’s just bizarre! It didn’t start until well after dark, so I could [Continue]

Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild Show

The Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild show opened yesterday.  Actually, it opened the day before – but yesterday was the actual opening, cookies and punch and little tomatoes on toothpicks type thing. The Library hangs the show and does all of the promotional materials, posters, signage – they do a great job, and it saves [Continue]

The difference a week makes

Five days, actually… Everything’s coming up!  I plant on the philosophy of “one for the rook, one for the crow, one to rot, and one to grow” – but EVERY seed is growing. Shanghai Bok Choi is starting to get its true leaves. These are Osaka Purple Mustard.  We’ve got a lot of interesting-colored things… [Continue]