Month: February 2010

With a tiny, tiny scythe….

The tomatoes that Chris planted in the little peat starters are looking great! Their first true leaves are starting to appear – and they’re getting a little crowded.  Soon, they would be to the point where they would compete for light and root space, and they would end up leggy and weak. So, sad though [Continue]


One of the things that Chris and I both really like about the new house, is that it has a good space for a big vegetable garden.  We’re at the stage where we’re trying to balance pre-season enthusiasm with the realization of how much labor it can be as things get big. Tomato and pepper [Continue]

Knotwork necklace – finished!

The knotwork necklace, finished.  I’m hoping to get some shots in natural daylight, to see if they will make the weird coloring of these beads show up better. Ironically, the best way to see the color of the beads, is to force it out of focus. Specs: The weaving is approximately twenty-four inches long, but [Continue]

Weaving, and still snowy!

I finished the ribbon last night.  This is an in-progress picture; I’ll get more once I have it all hemmed up and beaded and finished this evening. The sunlight through the window was good for the color of the beads, but a little harsh for shadows.  The surface beads over the knotwork on either side [Continue]

More about our snow

We ended up with a total of 12.5 inches by official report; here, we had an accumulation of about 11.5. Lots of people lost tree branches. Some lost whole trees. This poor tree tried to lean both ways, and split down the middle:

Slashed and Burned, Again

Thank you to several of my friends for pointing this out – my blog got hacked. Since then, I have uninstalled and reinstalled WordPress three times, deleted all of my databases… and still kept getting hacked. I’m hoping that this time, I’ve got it sorted. If you see this come up in your news reader [Continue]