Month: July 2009

SpinOff’s 2010 Calendar

I got an email a while back from Amy Clarke Moore, asking if they could include some of my silk in their upcoming calendar.  I was delighted – and they have done such a neat job on the whole thing! The calendar is here, available for pre-order. I can’t wait to see it in person; [Continue]

Giant Bugs Invade Manhattan

I was contacted last September by a video producer in the exhibits department of the American Museum of Natural History. They’re working on an exhibit about the Silk Road, and they want some footage of silk being made, silkworms doing their thing, etc. She asked if I would be willing to help out – and, [Continue]


I am raising a Thai strain of silkworms.  This spring, I had one good-sized group, and they all made moderately sized cocoons – except for one, which turned out tiny.  The summer group, I will admit, got a little bit neglected; I moved during the middle of their cycle, and  so they sometimes got not [Continue]


Originally published at WormSpit. You can comment here or there. I haven’t been writing much lately, but a LOT has been happening.  Chris and I moved house, I’ve written an article, getting ready to film a presentation for a museum – I really need to write it all up, but not tonight. Tonight, I’m stuck [Continue]

Any of my Japanese-reading friends on

I know that several people on my friends list read, or are learning, Japanese – is anybody on I’m getting website hits from there, and I’m curious what they’re saying, but I can’t even read the page where it says you have to setup a login!