Month: August 2008

A blog on my own site!

I’ve set up a new blog. It was tough – WordPress and GoDaddy are apparently famous for not getting along. But, finally after much finagling, I have my blog on MY NEW BLOG! So… y’all go and check it out! The archives are a transfer from my LiveJournal, so that’s nothing new – just [Continue]

Tufts University invents process for silk lenses I usually report on the silk stuff that I’m doing, myself – but this one is too cool not to mention! If I’m reading it right, they’re using an aqueous solution of sericin. If so, it might even be possible to extract the stuff, and still have the silk for textile (or other) use.

my new reeling videos

I’m planning to put these up on the silk reeling page – the first video shows catching the strands from the cocoons, the second and third are two different views of adding cocoons to the reeling strand.

More of the Heminway thread

In case you were wondering (I was!) what the difference between Size A and Size 000 thread is – now I can show you. I wanted to wait until I had some of the Heminway dyed black, so I could compare apples to apples. The bulky stuff on the right is regular size A silk [Continue]

Heminway thread

Before degumming, right, and after, left. I got a great deal on some VERY fine thread. This stuff is Size 000 Silk Sewing Twist – normal, regular-fineness sewing thread is Size A, and it goes thicker up to F, and finer to 0, 00, and then this stuff. TINY. The problem is – the thread [Continue]

Kosa (Tasar) Silk Sari

As I’ve said before, I LOVE getting packages from India. This one is something that I have been looking for for quite some time. It’s a hand-loomed pure Kosa (Tasar, or Indian Tussah) silk sari. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Just a peek, before I let you see the package opening up: But, of course, what I see [Continue]

Why Peace Silk Pisses Me Off

I’ve been stewing over this for a while… usually every time that somebody emails me to tell me that I’m a horrible person, and that I should only use Tussah silk, because it’s “Peace Silk”, gathered from the jungle only after the moth has flown away happy and satisfied. It just ain’t so. My take [Continue]