Month: July 2008

Do I know any Ravelry editors?

I’m thinking that somebody out there in Friends-List Land is probably a Ravelry editor… but I don’t know who. Somebody posted a link to my Stitch Marker Page. The Ravelry link is here. I’d really like to get it tied to my Ravelry profile. I’d also like to be able to add photos. But, I [Continue]

Looking for Input

I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation on silk, which is something I’ve never done before – I usually just talk loud and wave my hands and pass around live insects. The live insects are demo rock-stars – everybody loves them. They rock the house. I have some experience with PowerPoint, but not much. I have a [Continue]

Help with Naming a Class, Also, Ideas!

I’ve been invited to teach at the Golden Gate Fiber Institute in Winter of 2009. The Institute is a joint venture of Judith McKenzie McCuin and Morgaine Wilder, and they’re setting up some seriously intense workshops. You can check their list of Summer 2008 classes for an idea of what caliber of instructors they’re getting; [Continue]