Month: June 2008

Dog Leash

I finished the sample that I started to test out the Messingbrettchen – brass tablets. I decided that I had enough to make a short dog leash.

Texas Folk Life 08 – just my booth

Another happy and fulfilling Texas Folk Life Festival! Unfortunately, I just wasn’t in the right head space for photography – I got good shots of my booth the morning of setup, and I went out with the camera walking around – but just couldn’t see any shots. Fortunately, user ZaftigWendy on Ravelry took LOTS of [Continue]

Die Messingbrettchen – the Brass Tablets

I ordered brass tablets from Messingbrettchen and they arrived a couple of days ago – I’ve had a chance to give them a little test drive, and see how they work. The tablets are stamped out of thin brass (Messing) and copper (Kupfer). They also make Neusilber, or “German Silver,” which is a nickel-copper alloy, [Continue]

Stitchin Fingers

I’ve joined a new networking site, called Stitchin Fingers. It’s a Ning Social Networking site – kind of like Ravelry (although not nearly as smooth), but for stitching-related textile arts. There’s mostly embroidery and quilting and stuff on there now, although there are groups set up for weaving and other formats. I’m just called Michael [Continue]