Month: May 2008

The Cambodians

On the left: a hybrid white Chinese strain. On the right: the Cambodian land race cocoon. I’ve been raising some silkworms from Cambodia. They’re Bombyx mori, same as all the other domesticated silkworms – but they’ve been bred for centuries to withstand the particular stresses and hardships of Cambodia’s hot, humid climate. They are MUCH [Continue]

My brocade article in WeaveZine!

The new issue of WeaveZine is up, and my article on brocading is in it! I’m always excited to have something get printed (or, well, electro-published?) – but this format is particularly neat because it allows me to explain with video. So much of textile work is “And then I go like this, and it [Continue]

Radio Salaam Namaste

I didn’t know, until we ran across it on the radio dial the other day – we have the first “Desi” (South Asian) radio station in the US here in DFW – Radio Salaam Namaste. I occasionally enjoy the Bollywood sound, and they’re all over it! sunflower_andi, I bet you would like it too. You [Continue]

Tasar Box

I love, love, LOVE getting packages from India. They are always full of wonderful stuff – but they also have the most charming and interesting packaging. It seems like they’re put together with a particular aesthetic – like they’re put together with precision and care… out of whatever’s at hand.

Asian Festival 2008 – see y'all there!

It’s time once again for the Dallas Asian Festival! It’s at the Dallas City Hall plaza. The City Hall site has a link to a map, and directions. Here’s my post from last year’s Festival – it was a good event! Very busy, lots of neat things to see and do. I didn’t get to [Continue]