Month: February 2008

Images archive: Luther Hooper's SILK

These images are from a PDF of Luther Hooper’s “Silk: Its Production and Manufacture.” These are all out of copyright, and available for use, to the best of my knowledge. These make great spinning-dyeing-weaving clip art. If you do use any of these, please save them to your own server. LOTS more pictures – including [Continue]

Images Archive: Pasteur

There are a lot of old silk-related books that are available as PDF’s online.  I’ve gone through and pulled out some great illustrations.  These are out-of-copyright, and free for use, to the best of my knowledge.  I didn’t get ALL the pictures – I admit I picked the ones I liked, and ones I thought [Continue]

Silk Educational Handouts

These are handouts about silk and silkworms that I use when I do educational presentations for schools, museums, and fairs. One is aimed at younger kids, with more pictures and simpler wording: ; PDF file, 739K The other is aimed at adults or older kids, with just a couple of pictures and a lot of [Continue]

It’s happened once before – that time, a Hungarian cool-photography website posted a link to my silkworm rearing page, and the course of a single day, the site got nearly five thousand hits. It didn’t have any really directly visible results, other than a spike in my hit numbers, but when they went back down, [Continue]

My Color Box

Remember in this entry, I was trying to figure out which of the three spool sizes to use, and I figured that it would probably depend on which ones were easiest to store? I went to the Container Store, and craft stores, and art supplies stores – and I finally found my solution. It’s a [Continue]

Peony progress, embroidery lessons

I’m still chugging along with the peony. I’m done with the flower, and am now working on the leaves: Overall, I’m fairly pleased with how it’s going. I’ve certainly learned a lot – and I’m just working forward, leaving the artifacts of my learning process. I’ve also started taking lessons. It’s a fairly informal situation, [Continue]