Month: August 2007

Garage Sale

GARAGE SALE! Chris and I are planning a garage sale this weekend, Saturday 9/1 only, 8 AM to 3 or 4 PM or until we got hot and tired and people stop coming by. NOTE: was previously scheduled both days, but now is Saturday ONLY. Those of you in DFW – if you wanna drop [Continue]

More Kittens

Fraidy Cat is an orange-tabby FEMALE. The vet says it’s a rare combination. She’s a beautiful cat; the parts of her that are not dark orange, are a creamy buttery orange color. She has long hair. EDITED: Fraidy has been placed. Yaaay!

Getting Geared Up – Fabulous Fiber Fest

I packed an unbelievable amount of stuff into five (!) boxes – one of them the size you could put a microwave in – and shipped them off to California yesterday for the Fabulous Fiber Fest. I’ve never done my silk workshops in a location where I couldn’t drive, with my heavily-laden car, before – [Continue]

You Can't See the Forest for the… umm…

A couple of snapshots from yesterday’s NanoTech adventure. The thing is… you really can’t see much. That’s true in person, too. This stuff is SO BLACK, elemental carbon black, absorbs-all-light black, that what you end up seeing looks like a hole in the photo – like someone used a “select” tool and just deleted that [Continue]

Science geek + yarn geek = win!

I had the coolest yarn + science experience yesterday. Dr. Ray Baughman of the NanoTech Institute saw my silk presentation at the Dallas Asian Festival in June, and invited me to come and deliver a seminar for their students. They asked a lot of very interesting and insightful questions – some of which I knew [Continue]

Volunteers in the Garden

You know how it is… when you’ve had a garden for a while, some times you get things coming up that you didn’t plant. In the side garden this year, we planted green and jalapeno peppers, canteloupes, and green beans. But this afternoon, we discovered some surprising volunteers.