Month: April 2007


My partner Chris enters sweepstakes. He has had some FABULOUS wins – and some amusing experiences with sweepstakes. So far, he’s won trips for both of us to Las Vegas, then to L.A. for the Grammys, and an amazing cruise to the Mexican Riviera, plus lots of interesting stuff like a high-performance computer board, $500 [Continue]

Strapwork Ribbons

This is the warp that I’m currently working on. I’ve spliced in a piece of polyester satin ribbon on the loom, so that I can take off these pieces for finishing.


I’ve always heard that while tempered borosilicate glass is hard to break, once you manage it, it can be really spectacular. Something about the way it’s made causes it to explode. I’d never seen it until today. This was a four-cup glass measure: More behind