Month: December 2006

Beetle Wing Embroidery: second round, flower

This is my second attempt at beetle wing embroidery. I learned a lot about goldwork, reading Tanja Berlin’s website, and I bought some supplies from her. I also learned a lot about lighting this kind of photography, and I think the shots turned out much better. Ironically, the solution that worked best was a simple [Continue]

Beetle wings, photo question

This is an experiment in beetle wing and goldwork embroidery. These are wings from the Thai Jewel Beetle, Sternocera aequisignata. The goldwork design is based off of one I found online. Beetle wing embroidery was popular in parts of India and the East, and came to England during the Victorian period by way of the [Continue]

Air Date for the That's Clever show!

I’ve gotten an air date for the HGTV segment that was shot last spring! They filmed the whole process from raising the silk worms, to weaving theribbon – it will be interesting to see how they edit it together tomake it look cohesive, because there were some gaps like they didn’t show the twisting or [Continue]