Month: October 2006

Canon is the best!

More macro-closeups. Caterpillars behind the cut. The tiny claws amuse me. They look so much like cat claws. Only like cat claws X 10 -3 I’m really pleased with the focus level in this one. For some reason, the auto-focus on the macro has difficulty getting focused fully on the white worms, but does much [Continue]

A new, new camera

Well, the Vivitar that Chris got me for Early Christmas, took beautiful macros – but it has a freak battery that NOBODY, including Vivitar, had in stock. So, it had to go back. I expressed my frustration to all the folks at Vivitar, Inc. Just this morning, actually, one of their phone monkeys called, telling [Continue]


If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that my partner, Christopher, enjoys entering sweepstakes and contests. One of his sweepstakes-entering friends recently won a cruise. A gay cruise. This one. His friend couldn’t take the cruise, because of prior obligations. But – she transferred it to Chris! So now, Chris and I [Continue]

Too Many Kegos

A friend sent me eggs, and he sent WAY too many. I usually only raise 2 or 3 hundred at a time this late in the season, and I have well over a thousand hatchlings now. Probably close to two thousand. Some of my hatchling trays look like an anthill that somebody kicked. If anybody [Continue]

Very, very close up

Chris got me a camera for Christmas. He gave it to me early, because we’re going to be going on a trip, and this way I can figure out some of its astounding powers. It’s TINY, but it can do amazing things!