Month: June 2006

Silk Library

I’m sure that most of you who are into obscure textiles information, know about the Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving, Lace and Related Topics. Ralph Griswold scans out-of-copyright books, and makes them available for download as PDF’s. In my silk research adventures, I’ve gotten hold of a lot of fascinating old books. Some of [Continue]

Cardboard itomaki

This is a simple cardboard itomaki, or silk winder bobbin. I worked this out as a way to skein up tiny amounts of silk for embroidery skeins; it works well for times when you need a small but regular skein.

The San Antonio Living segment – YouTube

I know several of y’all have seen this already. I put the San Antonio Living segment up on YouTube. Their rules about television shows didn’t address when it’s news, and it’s ME – I’m hoping this doesn’t get yanked out for copyright reasons! If you were able to download the video from SendSpace, it’s the [Continue]

Me and the bugs, live on TV!

This is a Real Video clip from my appearance on San Antonio Living on June 8. Thanks to Sue Cooke for taping it, and to my sweet hubby Chris for making it go to computer! It’s a big file – about 8 megs. It’s on SendSpace right now, to save bandwidth.

Video compression?

Howdy folks! Does anyone know of a good tutorial, or other reliable information, about how to compress and play video? I’ve got some video footage, but the file is HUGE – and I want to make it into something smaller that I can put up on a website. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Folklife Festival

I just got back from the Texas Folklife Festival. It was my first year to go, and it was a blast! Exhausting, but wonderful. They estimate annual attendance at around seventy thousand; I probably talked to at least two or three thousand, myself. The Festival pulblicized my work to their local news station, and they [Continue]

Get your kicks on Route sixty-six

After the wedding, Chris and I took off with my Mom and Dad for one of the Great American Road Trips. We didn’t actually travel the Historic Route 66, although we spent a lot of time seeing signs for it – we were on I-40, which follows much of the same path. We drove nearly [Continue]