Month: March 2006

Prize ribbons

This is just the first installment of the prize ribbons. These ribbons are prizes for the Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild show which will open on April 13 at the main downtown library. The title of the show is “Sleight of Hand,” and all the themed materials (brochure, postcards, prizes, etc.) are related to stage [Continue]

Embroidered lotus

I learned quite a bit with my first adventure in silk embroidery. Because somebody asked – I’ve done a couple of small stitching projects before, but I’ve never stitched with silk. For scale, the lotus is just over 2 1/8″ top to bottom, 2 3/4″ side to side. It’s all stitched with flat silk which [Continue]

Nothing impressive yet

I decided, with all the embroidery silk I’ve been making, I ought to try my hand at embroidery. So this is definitely still a learning experience; I am figuring out a lot of things! For scale, it’s just over an inch and a half tall. Red and white flat silk on smooth dupionni silk. My [Continue]