Month: February 2006

Don't touch my Willie…

For those of you who haven’t bumped into that part of my life… I’m a country-western dancer. You know that Willie Nelson gay cowboys song that has been hitting the press lately (at least around here) – you can hear it here: The cool part? I’m going to be dancing in the music video. We’re [Continue]

Silk Reeling at the Crow Collection

For any local (North Texas) folks who will be around on Saturday, the 25th – I’m going to be part of an exhibit at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, showcasing art from the Silk Road. The title of the traveling exhibit is “Ancient Threads, Newly Woven: Recent Art from China’s Silk Road“. There is [Continue]

Treenway's gallery!

I got my work listed in Treenway’s “Silkster’s Gallery”! It’s not a competition, but it is juried, and it’s neat to be in there. And I’m getting a skein of silk for making it in, which is always wonderful. Treenway is my source for commercial cocoons, and they also have a lot of different forms [Continue]