Month: July 2005


This is kinda gross. It’s interesting if you raise silkworms, but if you’re easily squicked out, you might not want to click.

InKnitters article

This has been one of those challenging projects, and I didn’t want to jinx it by announcing prematurely – but my article in InKnitters is finally in mailboxes. I haven’t been able to find a copy at any of our local bookstores yet, and their website is still showing Spring’s issue – but I’ll post [Continue]

More Mystery Lace

This stuff is slow going – especially with having to rip back several inches when I dropped some of the live stitches and they instantly raveled back. I’m quite pleased with the way this is working out. I’m 5/6 of the way through the first Full Repeat, and there will be 4 Full Repeats by [Continue]