Month: June 2005

Creeping steadily along…

The Mystery Stole continues to grow, albeit slowly. I have almost finished half of one “full repeat” – there will be four of these 84-line repeats to make the body of the stole. I’ve done 39 rows plus the edging.

Blog rings?

I know there are a bunch of computer-clever folks out there in Friends-List-Land… Does anybody know if you can put a Blog Ring link on your LiveJournal? I’m looking at a lot of cool blog rings, and I’d love to join up, but I don’t have the faintest clue how.

More lace: Mystery Stole

This is part of a fun project I’m trying, to get more experience with lace knitting (or is it knitted lace? I never remember them right…) It’s a Yahoo group, and the group’s leader releases a “clue,” part of the pattern, once a week. I finally got my yarn on Friday, so I got a [Continue]

She changes…

I’m working on a hand-fasting ribbon for friends of mine who are getting married. This ribbon will be used to symbolically tie their hands together (it’s more like draped over their joined hands) during the ceremony. It’s blue and white commercially spun 60/2 silk, double-face designs and brocade. Their names are on either end, and [Continue]

Acid bath: success!

The kegos from the acid-treated eggs are hatching out in droves now. They have been trickling out for the past two days, and I was beginning to wonder if I had burned the eggs and would be dealing with a very low hatch rate – but they’re coming along just fine. I still can’t seem [Continue]