Month: May 2005

Hit Counter / Tracker suggestions?

I want to put a hit counter on the pages on, and I know basically nothing about them. I am using DreamWeaver to edit the site, and I know just enough about it to get the site up, but not to do anything particularly clever. Anyone have suggestions for a hit counter? I’d really [Continue]

Let what is unseen, be seen….

All this usually happens behind the occluding screen of the cocoon; this is stuff that even I don’t get to see. Even when the caterpillar doesn’t spin a proper cocoon, and ends up just a bare pupa lying on the floor of the cage, I don’t get to see the moment of change – it [Continue]

Antherea yamamai

When I went into the soap/silkworm room to check on the cocoons, I found this guy hanging his still-damp wings. It’s a Yamamai or Tensan silkmoth, originally from Japan.

Gold cocoons

These are from my friend Howard in Hawaii. They are a strain of Bombyx mori that throws gold-colored cocoons. They are not the same as the kind that has the peach and gold colors; these are much more of a true chrome yellow.

The Acid Bath

I’ve been reading in some of my sericulture books, about using a hydrochloric acid bath to break the diapause, and make the silkworm eggs hatch *this* year instead of next year. Well, I tried the acid wash last night.

Peach and Gold

These are cocoons from eggs that a friend of mine sent me last season. They are a variety of Bombyx mori, the classic silkworm – but they throw

Branching Out, variations

I took a lace-knitting class at CHT, and found out that it’s not as impossible as I had heretofore believed. We did Old Shale as a learning experience, which didn’t turn me on so much… but it paved the way. So Susan Lawrence’s Branching Out on Knitty was just the right thing at the right [Continue]

Howdy, y’all! A friend has sent me a HUGE amount (I’m guessing six thousand or more) eggs from his silkworms. These are a cultivar of Bombyx mori, and they eat mulberry. They spin a beautiful yellow-gold silk, which when degummed is white. I can’t raise this many eggs myself. Once they’ve begun the warming process, [Continue]