Month: April 2005

Yaaay for prizes!!

I just got back from this state-wide fiber arts convention. My class was small (only four people signed up!) but they did well and I think learned a lot. I’ve forgotten how draining it can be to stand up and talk for hours and hours. A lot of people expressed interest, and some of them [Continue]

Tussah silkmoth eggs

If anybody who reads this wants some Chinese Oak Tussah silkmoth eggs, I’m going to have a bunch on hand. Please email me privately at oakenking (at) They eat oak leaves, and produce a golden-tan silk. The moths are huge, docile, and very pretty.

Silkworm gut

Silkworm Gut Silkworm gut used to be the preferred material for making fly fishing leaders. It is flexible, strong, and very nearly clear; it’s amazing that it’s actually natural, it looks so much like plastic. PLEASE NOTE: This page shows the dissection of a silkworm for the gut; if you don’t want to see that, [Continue]