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Dream: Chris Redesigning the House

Dream 20040226, 7:00 AM:


Dream: Truck Key, and Silk Spinning

Dream 20040226, 1:30 AM:


Herding Cats

The Eri babies are doing well. They are quite a bit different from the Bombyx cats, which is making them intriguing and also challenging.


Dream: The Chiropractic Mat

Dream 20040224, 7:00 AM:


Chris's ribbon – finally!

This project has kind of stymied my loom for the past few months. It’s OK, though – I have been so busy knitting that I really haven’t noticed. I decided to finish this up for Valentine’s Day for Chris. If you look closely, you can see that the peacock feather (which is my symbol for […]

Reeling Silk

This is a little photo-journal of the silk reeling process as I do it. I’ve raised silkworms for three years now, and this is how you go about getting the cocoons turned into thread.


Coronet Hat: finished!

Got some time this afternoon and got the coronet hat finished! It was just a little bit loose/big, but after blocking and drying (okay, and some time in Microwave Time Out…) it fits fine.


Dream: The Aragorn Tree House

Dream 20040211, 5:00 AM:


Dream: Granddad and the Snake

Dream 20040210, 7:00 AM:


Coronet WIP; knitting on planes

Howdy all!

I just got back from a fantastic trip to the Grammys! I took my current project, and got a lot done on it. It’s Knitty’s “Coronet,” designed by the talented and gracious artichaut who was so kind as to answer my questions about adapting the pattern for my handspun.

I had […]